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    March of the Army


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    March of the Army

    Post by Military on Mon Feb 01, 2016 3:50 am

    March of the Army is an edgy and radical Wolfenstein (stand-alone) mod.

    What is included:
    - 30 levels
    - 7 new enemies (changed sprites/spunds)
    - new textures (I left wood, wood panel, gray brick, red brick and dirty brick - everything else is changed and increased the total texture count to 63)
    - new music
    - a storyline (three brand new ending screens)
    - various new graphics to fit the theme
    - a comprehensive guide (included here and in the download)

    Online level overviews:


    E1L1 - Leaving Home
    You just grabbed your gun and left your house. Standing in the doorway,
    you see that soldiers were already waiting for you! Don't waste your
    chance to attack preemptively. Watch out for ambushing troops and ones
    hiding behind obstacles. On the hardest difficulty, you will be definitely
    facing the elite soldiers with dual pistols, too. The first grey brick
    room has the nastiest ambush on the level - well, as nasty as the first
    level can be. Remember about the secret level...

    E1L2 - Local Unit
    As you get deeper into the military outpost, you face more elite troops.
    One of the many secrets contains the first machine gun, and you might
    need it in the metal rooms!

    E1L3 - Downtown Streets
    The streets greet you once more. Try to find the more profitable routes
    around the level. You will get a chance to have a machinegun without
    finding any secrets, but it comes with an extra challenge.

    E1L4 - City HQ
    This time, you will need to get the key to the northern section from the
    big building in the middle. It comes with multiple tricky secrets to
    exploit, and also with a nasty elite troop surprise! (Or is it still a
    surprise if I said it?)

    E1L5 - Northern Section
    Less ammo and more enemies than E1L4, so that's saying something. You have
    two possible routes, but both of them involve getting shot from behind
    obstacles. On the upside, you can get your first gatling gun! While you
    don't need trial and error to get it, it's definitely not obvious either!

    E1L6 - Everyone Hates Mazes
    Mazes are mazes. You've probably seen worse ones than this, but things
    can still get confusing. I'm not saying anything else.

    E1L7 - Climbing up
    You're on the second floor of your destination, the military executive
    in charge of your city. No self-destruction for you this time, but
    sometimes I like to implement things I call "mercy secrets" so all
    players can feel happy. But you're probably too good for that, so go find
    the one with 1up instead. (this is not something you would see in Wolf3d,
    I've made it extra counterintuitive). Also, there's another metal elite combo.

    E1L8 - High Pressure
    The ultimate floor. You can feel it from the start - decorations so
    fancy can only mean an impending bloody massacre! The enemies here have
    better hearing and do lots of obstacle hiding. When you read it, I've
    probably beat it on the death incarnate already, but when I type it, I
    still have a few tries before me. That's the highest floor for you...
    so where is this elevator going?

    E1L9 - The Peak
    The peak. Say it once again. The peak. The level so final that I don't
    feel I can make the next episodes any final-er. Can you feen the breeze
    coming from the edge of the roof? In my humble opinion, the amount of
    awesome is pretty high for vanilla Wolfenstein 3d. And the gameplay
    itself? Why, it's an usual battle with a Hans Grosse wannabe. With a
    cruel twist. I think I'll leave the death incarnate for the players
    better than me.

    E1L10- Another World
    The author of this level had pretty much no experience with Wolf3d before,
    but he wasn't afraid to experiment. I haven't changed anything that
    wasn't breaking the game. The result feels quite eerie. Sometimes everything
    is empty, sometimes you get spammed. You also need only one key to win.
    The secrets are your friends (duh) and can grant you a weapon really


    E2L1 - Legit Imprisonment
    As you tried to escape the building, overwhelming forces were waiting
    for you downstairs. Now you're in a locked prison cell in a military base.
    How can you get out? Anyhow, this will be much easier than reaching the
    secret level, which may require thinking out of the box... In other news,
    you will also have to deal with the privates, much more threatening than
    the lazy officers...

    E2L2 - Military Base #2
    The military base #2 comes with everything required to house troops, and
    also with more new textures and ambushing privates. The kitchen area can
    be accessed.

    E2L3 - Military Warehouse #1
    Long corridors, big crates, lots of sad bricks and more of everything
    in general. The elite soldiers may make a bigger appearance too.

    E2L4 - Subterranean Military Structures #4
    You will have to navigate the underground tunnels to retrieve two keys
    from the small but quirky (and dangerous!) center storage. Don't miss
    any extra guns!

    E2L5 - Classic Structure #36
    Oh no! Did they just base their building on an old Nazi location? Knowledge
    of vanilla maps will be rather rewarding.

    E2L6 - Potato Disposal Unit #3
    Today on the menu: mashed potatoes. And you're gonna need them, as this
    section is populated with lots of hungry troops. There's a bunch of
    secrets around the VIP dining room.

    E2L7 - Acceptable Arrest Sector #2
    How very nonlinear! Any key will open the central structure, and you
    can either fight your way through the prison or find an easy secret
    and get the iron key there. Or do both and skip the central structure.
    Or skip neither and get shot more times. This prison level gives you
    more freedom than ever.

    E2L8 - Questionably Useful Corridor Containment
    Just a set of fairly straightforward series of small rooms and lengthy
    hallways. It takes a while to plow through.

    E2L9 - Redoubt of Glory #832
    Locked from the inside, this underground structure is capable of
    immolating Army's every military structure around. In the facility
    designed to set everything on fire, you need to be extra careful to
    avoid getting burned... Overwhelming force is back, and coupled with
    ambushy placement.

    E2L10 - Mama, I Killed a Man
    After your hometown was freed from the Army's influence, the military
    bases became deserted and eerie. You came back here to find a secret
    library... unless, for some reason, you'll decide to burn the place
    down a second time?


    E3L1 - A Field Trip Through The Forest
    You made it! You found the hideout of the whole Army's general!
    It was deep in the forest, but that's where secrecy ends and fancy
    begins. The beginning section is composed of just a few corridors,
    but don't even think about rushing! Trod carefully, enjoying the
    glamour overload, and at the end you will have the opportunity to meet
    the heavily armed Royal Guards too.

    E3L2 - AU Meets RH+
    The airlock you passed through closes behind you, sealing you in a
    really inconvenient location! The rest of the level shouldn't be as
    bad once you survive the first room, but episode 3 will never go easy
    on you! And the layout might get confusing.

    E3L3 - White And Red
    White and red, thrill and pain! You can seek the secret keycard
    to unlock an alternate route through the level and more.

    E3L4 - Sophie Morton's Catch 22
    The platform rose, and now the doors surround you from all sides!
    And all of them have opposition behind. Even thinking about the choice
    for too long can end badly! And then there are the guys with
    flamethrowers making a great return. Good thing the wooden panels
    are fireproof!

    E3L5 - A Pattern
    How is that not a bonus level? Well, there were only three slots.
    The level designer got too creative and now you have to suffer.
    Don't worry, the right way through the level is always indicated
    somehow, so if you suddenly find yourself bursting into flames,
    it will be your own fault!

    E3L6 - The Latest Trick In The Book
    Which book? One of those fireproof ones, perhaps. There doesn't
    seem to be any secret passages behind bookshelves, but you should
    still be able to find some hidden goods. A gatling gun, a 1up and
    maybe even a crate maze?

    E3L7 - An Army and a Half
    This level hides over a hundred of people and a secret exit that's
    outstandingly tricky to access! Fortunately the gatling gun secret
    isn't nearly as complicated.

    E3L8 - Lost in the Woods
    The General is losing his patience, and begins to throw the strongest
    of his units at you, ordering to attack when you least expect it.
    Without any secrets, it's going to be tough to plow through it all.
    Remember to explore the woods.

    E3L9 - Asskicking Equals Authority
    This is it. The very final battle. The General is taking his safety
    seriously. Right after you start, you're greeted with multiple
    locked doors and no keys. Once you finally find a way to get past
    the locked wooden doors, you will find out that each key is guarded
    REALLY heavily. If you manage to survive that, it will be time to
    face the General in his office and find out what tricks he has up
    his sleeve.

    E3L10 - Freestyle
    Welcome to the third secret level, where rules doesn't matter.
    the beginning will be the toughest because there are no floor codes.
    also, the doors don't lead anywhere. Other points of interest
    include holes in the level from all sides, doors without walls and
    an invisible maze.


    Share your experiences with the mod!

    UPDATE on 1.02.16 19.12 GMT:
    Added custom ceiling colors.

    If you have an older version (but not beta), you can use this patch:

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    Re: March of the Army

    Post by Guest on Mon Feb 01, 2016 8:17 am

    Very creative blend of wolf3d and new graphics in Episode 1. Refreshingly nice. Extra points for adding NIN tunes!

    Officer-Michael John
    Seasoned Wolfer
    Seasoned Wolfer

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    Re: March of the Army

    Post by Officer-Michael John on Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:04 am

    Mario brothers using up an Immolation Unit enemy on Shadow Genesis mod.

    Wolf3d n00b
    Wolf3d n00b

    Number of posts : 2
    Age : 21
    Location : East Europe
    Registration date : 2016-02-01

    Re: March of the Army

    Post by Military on Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:24 am

    ThePerfectDrug wrote:Very creative blend of wolf3d and new graphics in Episode 1. Refreshingly nice. Extra points for adding NIN tunes!
    Indeed! Too bad no level uses The Perfect Drug Wink

    @Officer-Michael John wrote:Mario brothers using up an Immolation Unit enemy on Shadow Genesis mod.
    Quite likely. It uses unchanged sprites of some enemy from Strife, I think.

    I added custom ceiling colors and updated the download.

    If you have an older version, you can use this patch:

    Officer-Michael John
    Seasoned Wolfer
    Seasoned Wolfer

    Number of posts : 332
    Age : 19
    Hobbie : Video and Wolf 3D mode making
    Registration date : 2014-08-04

    Re: March of the Army

    Post by Officer-Michael John on Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:59 am

    Yeah. I added an Immolation Unit on my mod,but not now.

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    Re: March of the Army

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