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    Bethesda from Wolfenstein: The New Order is hiring


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    Bethesda from Wolfenstein: The New Order is hiring

    Post by stathmk on Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:54 pm

    August 19, 2015: Bethesda from Wolfenstein: The New Order is hiring

    I noticed that some of you are almost professional computer coders & I thought that you'd like this info passed onto you.

    My degree is in Computer Graphics Technology from Purdue University. According to an August 19th message on the CGT listserve & Creativeheads.net, several computer game companies including Bethesda are hiring. Bethesda is the company behind Wolfenstein: The New Order and the new Doom.

    As of August 19, Bethesda's looking for a Licensing Coordinator, Brand Manager, Mobile Programmer, Lead Concept Artist, Senior Environment Artist, Senior VFX Artist, Environment Artist, Level Artist, Contract Animator, Network Administrator, Systems Administrator, Senior Animator, PR/Marketing Content Associate, & Information Security Engineer. One of the pages is here: http://www.creativeheads.net/company/7132/jobs

    I am not forwarding the entire long email to everybody on The Haven because I don't believe it would be fitting. If you would like to view it, then send me a message to stathmk (at) yahoo (dot) com with Bethesda Jobs in the subject and body. Then I'll send the long message to you.

    Disclaimer: I don't work for Bethesda.

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