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    Play the 1, 3, 6, & 7-episode Wolf 3D versions in your browser!


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    Play the 1, 3, 6, & 7-episode Wolf 3D versions in your browser!

    Post by stathmk on Sun May 17, 2015 8:22 pm

    Play the 1, 3, 6, & 7-episode Wolf 3D versions in your browser!

    Click captions to enlarge:

    Circa 2005?: Wolfenflash V1.1 by Glenn Rhodes is here.

    Wolfenflash v1.1 Title

    This secret door slams shut fast.

    Circa 2009?: Wolfenflash V2 by Glen Rhodes is here.† It still is only episode 1 without secret level.† I donít like the way that you canít always pick up the guardís ammo.

    Wolfenflash v2 title

    The door is reflecting onto the floor!

    May 2012:Bethesda Softworks, which now owns Wolfenstein 3D, put a 3-episode version of it up here.† Click ďPLAY WOLFENSTEIN 3DĒ at the top right.† It displays on a mini-screen with a dusty border.† Itís a version where you get to first warp to any level in the first 3 episodes.† It has deactivated selections from the menu. †Discuss†the original 1992 3-episode version. †

    Select from 3 episodes†and then first warp to any of the 30 levels.

    3-Episode Version Browser Specifications

    December 4, 2012: According to PC Gamer, you can play The Apogee Wolfenstein 3D V1.4 shareware and over 300 other DOS games in your browser. †Wolf 3D is here†with more info about it at†here.† The Spear of Destiny demo is†here†with more info at here. †It loaded for me in Firefox, but not Chrome. †You must do Control-Alt-Delete to exit.

    1-Episode Version of Wolfenstein 3D

    The other 5 episodes are disabled

    Spear of Destiny Demo

    January 10, 2015:Gamespot announces that you can play The Activision Wolfenstein 3D 6-episode version†and 2,400 DOS games in DOSBox in your browser.

    6-Episode version load screen

    Select between 6 episodes
    January 12, 2015: Thanks to Cyanosis on this DHW thread†this thread for discovery a Hungarian personís project for Wolfenstein 3D in HTML 5.† Itís ported by lazarv1982?† Itís actually a merged game of the 6 episodes of Wolfenstein 3D and The Spear of Destiny episode 1 prequel as episode 7.† A change is a different resolution selection screen.

    7-Episode splash screen

    7-Episode selection screen

    The animation may be a little jerky or buggy in these versions.† With these, you donít get to make your own graphics, sounds, music, animations, text, levels, code, and endings.† If you want to edit the 6-episodes the 3 episodes of Spear of Destiny, then go to ebay.com†or this†steampowered.com†search.

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