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    Will be the famous something Armageddon of continuation

    Officer-Michael John
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    Will be the famous something Armageddon of continuation

    Post by Officer-Michael John on Mon Oct 27, 2014 12:15 pm

    Who does not know Barry Christian by Armageddon Wolf 3d mode? This method will be a 2. part of what I have on for good. There are plenty of new features it will contain. Of course the Hex edit will not be outdone.

    The new products will be:
    -Seamless level (no secret level)
    -No Pacman Ghots 
    -New 8 wepaons (knife,pistol,machinegun,chaigun,stengun,flakgun,rocket launcher,blitzgewehr)
    -new bullets (ammo,25 ammobox,shells,box,rocket,rocketbox,batteries)
    -silenced weapons:knife,stengun
    -new enemies (proffesor,scientist,pseudo-mutant,wall hanging shooter,Robed Hitler,robot,chaigun robot,spider,fireball)
    -new bosses (Super Soldier,Schabbs,rocket launcher Schabbs,Adolf Hitler,Death Knight,Skull Mutant,Übermutant)
    -venom soldiers:chaigun soldier,flamethower soldier
    -no deathcams
    -new statics objects
    -in-game messages
    -max 500% health
    -popping candy barrel
    -directional sprite (Window)
    -3rd plane floor/ceiling
    -to start with a knife
    -God Mode
    -Cheat:ILM instead of ARM
    -debbuging:goobers instead of Armageddon 2
    -new sounds
    -new musics
    -new graphics
    -new key (keycard)
    -4 keycard (red,yellow,blue,green)
    -new doors
    -new closed doors (keycard)
    -Read This!,EndArt
    -new PG-13
    -new Signon Screen
    -(Get Psyched!) mapnames
    -new Adlib sounds
    -new health items (vodka,needle)
    -Berserk as the in Doom (Not Timed)
    -Gun Bobbing
    -Quick-change opponents such as the All This and Wolf 3D
    (an example of:Brown-clad guard--->Gray-clad guard)

    Hex edits:
    -difficulty names 
    -Arm file extension
    -other files named

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