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    Poems I Wrote Eons Ago

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    Poems I Wrote Eons Ago Empty Poems I Wrote Eons Ago

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Wed Jun 25, 2014 3:50 pm


    I wrote these two poems eons ago in another lifetime before Nexion was born into anti-time. This is quite a while back and it was for a project for English class, we were reading "The Things They Carried" so these poems had to be about the book. The poems have heavy references to the book which you might not fully understand unless you've read the book. I also added a few ideas from Coldplay's 'Fix You'. It ain't perfect and I'm no poem master, either. I tried, though. Eh. I wanna fix the poem (haha ironic considering the title of the poems, I'm so funny) and make it a bit better if I can though.

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    I Needed Fixing

    Forever ago
    Before I knew
    We went to war

    Forever ago
    When life was easy
    Before life got hard
    I signed up for this war

    Now I sit in my foxhole
    Forever alone
    Encumbered by the weight of men’s lives
    Feeling the gravity of war
    Feeling the immense guilt of wanting
    When you lose something you cannot replace
    When you love someone but it goes to waste
    I tremble

    Wrested, pried from my hands
    The innocence lost
    The blood shed senseless

    There is no hope,
    No love,
    No catharsis;
    You hold the in your hands the two halves of my heart

    The void that exists
    Nobody can replace it
    Not her, nor God, nor all of the treasures of the world

    Once upon a time,
    I didn’t try
    The world was in my hands
    The stars were an arm’s reach
    The moon, the galaxies too

    Now I sleep alone
    Just the jungle, the earth, the rest of Nam
    Desolate, solitary, forever alone
    All is darkness
    This is the end

    When you try so hard but you don’t succeed
    The tears roll down your cheek
    When the light at the end of the tunnel is a mirage
    The tears stream down your face

    A million words will not bring you back
    I know, because I tried
    Neither would a million tears
    I know, because I’ve cried

    It’s hard to forget
    Somebody that gave you so much to remember

    A smile can happen in a flash
    But the memory of it can last a lifetime

    There is no catharsis
    There is no hope;
    I tried so hard but life gets so heavy

    What else is there to do?
    I cry, I mourn, and I die

    Fix You

    Every day I sit outside
    I look at the sea
    Where the tide meets the rocks
    And the seagulls come out to play

    I look at the trees
    Where the wind blows ever so slightly
    And the raven sits on the nest just like so

    The other day I walked along the sandy beaches
    I found a pebble and it made me think of you

    I want to love you
    I want you to be happy
    But as much as you can’t stop loving me
    I cannot love you

    I don’t imagine you beside me
    Not next to the seagulls or the raven
    Nor next to the trees or the beach

    When you try your best but you don’t succeed
    Maybe it wasn't meant to be

    It scarred you but it broke me;
    The body may heal,
    But the mind is not as resilient

    When you feel so tired but you can’t sleep...

    I stay awake
    Staring at the ceiling
    I am so sorry Jimmy
    I don’t imagine you next to me

    I want to love you, but I can’t
    Stuck in reverse
    Find someone else, Jimmy
    If you don’t try you will never look
    If you don’t look you will never find
    If you never find you will never live

    It takes a man to hold on
    But it's harder to let go
    Come home, Jimmy
    It’s time

    The lights will guide you
    And I will find a way
    To fix you.


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    Poems I Wrote Eons Ago Empty Re: Poems I Wrote Eons Ago

    Post by wwejonathan on Fri Jul 25, 2014 1:46 pm


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