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    What were the best games distributed w/ WolfMaster?


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    What were the best games distributed w/ WolfMaster?

    Post by WolfForever on Tue Jan 29, 2013 8:45 pm

    At this point in time one could easily argue it is totally irrelevant (as it pretty much is given WM is freeware, everything on it is obviously very old, and everything on it can be downloaded elsewhere), but for those who have played or at least sifted through the games that were distributed in the package, which do you feel are the best ones?

    Mine: I've never played off of WolfMaster, but I've have a look at every single set to see what it was. I'm going to go with a top three (honestly I'd personally have trouble deciding beyond that because there are at least four or five other games past these top three I could envision as being near ties). A top five if you have one is just fine though too. Anyways here's my top three, not necessarily in any order:

    -The Renovation (it has hot and not so hot moments but it is pretty much the best 60-level set as of its time and there are some gems)
    -Temporary Insanity (yes, this is included on WM, and for me including it is a no-brainer because I still think it's a classic to some extent)
    -Operation Overkill (it's an Episode 1 replacement but not for shareware, and the design stands at least a notch above any episode I saw in the package other than potentially episodes from the two I already mentioned)

    -I will list other ones popping into my mind that I feel are not bad overall, at least for their time: Wolfen60, Death Maps (shareware set), Wolfv1 (registered single episode), two shareware sets by The Kid (on the Dome it's called Wolf1 which is not to be confused with Wolfv1), and *possibly* Enigma's Nightmare. But this is just off the top of my head and I certainly don't feel I could do a good job in actually determining which ones I'd include were I to list a top five; I just know they aren't that bad of sets to play but I don't think they would rival into the top three I listed.

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