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    What are the best five add ons you have played?


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    What are the best five add ons you have played?

    Post by WolfForever on Thu Jan 24, 2013 8:35 pm

    Basically the title. They can be any kind (mapset, mod, full blown total conversion, Wolf3D or Spear, Dos or SDL, etc.). The only requirements are the following:

    1. Need at least one mapset and at least one total/partial conversion in the list (so you can't do all of either)
    2. Here's the only one that might seem a little complex: You can't list more than two add ons by the same author(s), and you can only choose one author at most to list two games from. If you are analyzing joint efforts by a couple authors (2-3 primary authors), it counts as having the same author if one or more of the primary authors are the same. Finally community sets (by several authors, 4 or more primary ones) all count as having author of 'Community' and thus are applicable to the rule as well. However, in any of these case, for a series of multiple sets that are clearly related by name and/or story (like Acktung/Acktung 2 as one author sets, DHW SDL Wolf3D/DHW SDL SoD as community sets, or SR/SR10YEAR/EOD as joint efforts, to give a few examples of this), the full series can be listed together collectively as only one entry and one use of the author(s) involved. Also, these three "types" of sets are independent - by that I mean listing two or more sets with the same author involved only counts as using that author twice if they are both one-author sets, both joint efforts, or both community efforts. So for example, listing the WolfBel series, Deadly Sleep, and the DHW SDL Wolf3D set would not count as using Brian (Schabbs) multiple times, since the first is exclusively his work, the second is a joint effort between him and Arielus, and the third is a commuity set he made a few maps for.
    3. Only the author(s) who made levels for the set count as authors of a set for these purposes.
    4. The list does not have to be in any order such from all time favorite to fifth favorite; the order of the listing doesn't matter.
    5. To quality a set as played, you must have played at least 75% of it (not including secret levels).
    6. It doesn't have to be an absolute top five if there are more than five that come to your mind as possibilities. Just list five that could be in your top five

    Obviously the biggest challenge is trying it to narrow it down, but here's a possible top five of mine (and I've given my classification of what type of set I'd consider them as well):

    -Totenkopf SDL (WSJ; one author set)
    -End of Destiny (Joint effort between R.I.P./AReyeP and MCS; I know I could list SR with this per the rules but I actually haven't played it yet, at least not to the 75% level)
    -Guns and Glory 0.5 (Metalor; primarily a one author set I think)
    -Coming of the Storm (WSJ; one author set - Together with Totenkopf SDL this counts as using an author twice)
    -Now for the mapset: I actually save a lot of the best mapsets for last, haven't played Conflict in the Fatherland, DHW sets, etc. Of the ones I have I'd probably go with Acktung 2: The Last Waltz (ack; one author set). So that'll be my fifth pick (again I know I could have included Acktung right with it if I had played it, but I haven't). There are so many others that are razor thin close though.
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    Re: What are the best five add ons you have played?

    Post by Dr.Zin on Thu Jan 24, 2013 10:10 pm

    In no particular order:

    Castle Totenkopf
    Chemical Warfare
    Operation: Heimzahlung
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