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    Best shareware (Wolf3D) sets


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    Best shareware (Wolf3D) sets

    Post by WolfForever on Wed Jan 23, 2013 7:01 am

    What are your favorites? Maybe list around five or so. I'm looking for sets that use the original shareware VSWAP or at most only minor changes to it. If there's a new VSWAP but it's fully optional (the set will flawlessly function without the new VSWAP) then you can include it.

    (Please exclude any shareware set that is also part of a registered set, i.e. how Nat_w3d is included in Temporary Insanity.)

    Some I'm already familiar with (you can list these but try for some others as well please):
    -The Last Mission (already played it)
    -AReyeP's two shareware episodes

    p.s. I know there's a series of 8 sets called MrWolf or something, they're by Quazi. Anyone know if those are any good?

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