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    When is it possible to skip a key in Wolf3D/Spear?


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    When is it possible to skip a key in Wolf3D/Spear?

    Post by WolfForever on Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:05 am

    I'm trying to figure out, what are all the cases you can skip getting a key in the original Wolfenstein or Spear of Destiny? This can be for one of four reasons:
    -A matching floor code alerts enemies behind a locked door
    -You can alert enemies that must open the locked door to go after you
    -Finding the secret elevator doesn't require the key
    -A secret shortcut lets you go without the key

    I'm not interested in these reasons:
    -Being lucky and having an enemy open a locked door it has no reason to open (it's not opening it to try and reach you for attack)
    -Keys that are exclusively required only for optional areas and not necessary areas in the level

    In the original Wolfenstein I know of the following cases:

    Matching floor codes:
    -The key in the wooden area on E3L3 can be skipped
    -Both keys on E4L7 can be skipped

    Alerting enemies that must open the locked door to reach you:
    -Making a double left at the start of E4L2 you can alert the enemies in the wooden area from behind pillars
    -You can also alert the enemies in the room with the exit on E6L3, but the place you can alert from is very near the key itself anyways

    Using a secret exit:
    -You don't need the gold key on E3L7
    -You don't need the key in the grey stone area (can't remember which color key) on E5L5

    Secret shortcut:
    -Finding a Hans Grosse in the Aardwolf maze lets you skip the silver key on E2L8 (though I'd debate calling it a 'shortcut')

    But are there any others in Wolf3D and what such cases if any exist in Spear?

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