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    Best way to encourage top score in a level (normal levels with specifically designated par times ONLY)



    How do you think the player should earn the most points in a level?

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    Best way to encourage top score in a level (normal levels with specifically designated par times ONLY)

    Post by WolfForever on Mon Dec 03, 2012 9:50 pm

    This is a somewhat different topic than most of my polls cover, obviously since it's not asking about a mod. But it's a choice the player often faces - do you try to make it to the exit as fast as you can and crush the par time, or do you forget about par and go for the full conquest instead? Even in the original Wolf3D/SoD, there are plenty of levels that give this choice - E4L1 through E4L4 are all a good example IMO of having this choice, and they aren't the only original levels to do such.

    This only applies to normal levels (not optional/challenge levels, etc.) in which the author made the end-level screen show a par time that is meant to correlate to the level (either by changed code, or by designing the level with respect to the original's par time).

    Personally, I think there should be more points awarded in total for thoroughly exploring and conquering a level, and less for simply taking the fastest-route method and beating the par time.

    And keep in mind, total points awarded (total score) includes ALL of the following:
    1) Points gained within the level for kills and treasure
    2) Points gained at the end-level screen for a 100% ratio (original exe's: 10,000 points for each 100% ratio obtained)
    3) Points gained at the end-level screen for beating a par time (original exe's: 500 points per second under par)
    4) If a level has a secret exit, extra points that can be attained by playing and completing the associated secret level (so essentially, points from optional levels are part of the potential points that can be earned from the normal level they are accessed from)

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