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    Next week onward: Wolfensteingoodies.com taking over for awhile


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    Next week onward: Wolfensteingoodies.com taking over for awhile

    Post by stathmk on Tue Sep 04, 2012 2:20 pm

    Brian (The webmaster of wolfenstein3d.co.uk/news.htm ) has emailed me today that he is having a health problem. He wants me to cover updates on Wolfensteingoodies.com until hes better. I have some personal obligations for tonight and tomorrow. If it takes more than 2 days for Brian to get better, then just email me the files at stathmk(at)yahoo(dot)com on Sept 6 until further notice. Then Ill start posting them next week and it will look a lot like this: http://wolf3d.darkbb.com/t2327-wolfenstein-goodies-updates-for-the-week-of-feb-25-2012 . If you want files posted on Christmas or on American Thanksgiving then send them days early because Im busy those days.

    I hope that Brian gets well soon! Sad

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