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    Wolfenmap 1.1 Program

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    Wolfenmap 1.1 Program

    Post by Schabbs on Sat Jul 14, 2012 4:07 pm

    Wolfenmap 1.1 Program

    Vincent has made a Wolfenstein map program that is used for debugging levels, It's for Wolfenstein v1.0, v1.3 and Spear of Destiny and derived games. It has worked for all the games Vincent tested it with, also code-changed games (the maps may be incomplete).

    Open a gamemaps/maptemp file, a Floedit level-file, or a saved game. You may get answers to questions like: Where am I, and what are the guards doing right now? If you want to see what the walls and sprites look like in the game, you can open a VSWAP file.

    There are statistics for each level.

    Each game type has a standard descriptions file for walls and sprites. You can make one for a favorite game, I have made one for the tribute game as an example.

    You can mark one or more items or groups, for example 'Dogs', then all the marked items will blink in the whole game. Available here.

    Cat Productions - mapper

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