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    Wolfenstein 3D Part 2 Rise of the Triad mod



    Wolfenstein 3D Part 2 Rise of the Triad mod

    Post by Guest on Sat Jun 09, 2012 10:54 am

    I was wondering if someone would be interested in helping me make the original Rise of the Triad story. All of the files are on here. They just have to be cropped. We could follow the original design sheet and make Wolfenstein 3D Part 2 Rise of the Triad. It can be a prequel to Rise of the Triad. Would anyone on here be interested in coding and making maps? The game will consist of four episodes. It will be made in SDL.


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    Return of The Triad?

    Post by stathmk on Sat Jun 09, 2012 7:59 pm



    Thereís a person with a name like Mr. Ling Yan Li who might be interested. He made add-on levels for Rise of The Triad recently and add-on levels for Blake Stone. I canít think of his Youtube page address anymore. I donít know his email address and I donít know him personally.

    Rise of The Triad has depth and other improvements. Do you want to make levels in The Wolf 3D, Spear of Destiny, Rise of The Triad, or El Zeeís Return of The Triad engine for Doom 2?

    Do you want to make levels in Doom 2 that are picture perfect for ROTT? I played Return of The Triad (Return of The Triad, not Rise of The Triad) by a New Zealander nicknamed El Zee. Itís not his real name. The levels are picture perfect for Rise of The Triad, but enhanced. He wants to release a level editor eventually.

    What are you doing on June 17th? I donít work that day and maybe we could play Return of The Triad Co-op or deathmatch together.

    Itís getting late here. Iíll send you El Zeeís email address in the next day or 2.


    Re: Wolfenstein 3D Part 2 Rise of the Triad mod

    Post by Guest on Wed Jun 19, 2013 9:17 pm

    Production has already begun on this mod. I want to release this before I release Doomsday the Special Edition. I am going to use some of the Wolfenstein 3D ROTT sprites in Doomsday the Special Edition. The first edition will be called Wolfenstein 3D Part Two Rise of the Triad the Alpha of the Omega. The Alpha of the Omega version will have four episodes with one level each. The 40 level version will not have the Alpha of the Omega name in it. Think of the Alpha of the Omega as the Hunt Begins except the Alpha of the Omega is not a prequel. It is just a shorter mission to keep you entertained for a short while until the†longer version comes out.

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    Re: Wolfenstein 3D Part 2 Rise of the Triad mod

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