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    Source of this version of the music in Wolf 3D?


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    Source of this version of the music in Wolf 3D?

    Post by windwakr on Wed May 23, 2012 11:07 am

    The iPhone version of Wolfenstein 3D(and the html5 version: Google "wolfenstein bethsoft" ) has music that sounds much better than any other versions that I've heard.

    Google "id-Software/Wolf3D-iOS GitHub" and click on the github page, then navigate to wolf3d/base/music.

    John Carmack says this in his writeup of the port:

    ...We wound up ripping the red book audio tracks from one of the later commercial Wolf releases and encoding at a different bitrate...

    Which release of Wolfenstein 3D had music like that?

    Note: I put Google instructions because I am unable to post links.

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