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    New (somewhat) set of Flamethrower SS sprites (directional)

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    New (somewhat) set of Flamethrower SS sprites (directional)

    Post by WolferCooker on Fri Mar 09, 2012 4:42 pm

    This originally came from James Ingham and Zach Higgins so give them thanks for starting this old yet unfinished idea.

    If you look at their Project Vertilgung sprites on Chaosedit, you will see some unused sprites since it was originally planned as a 60 level mod and ended up as a 20 level demo. Among them is an unfinished set of what appears to be a 8- sided directional version of the Flamethrower SS enemy.

    Well, it's about time this idea comes to fruition after all these years. I will finish the rest of those sprites. I've already made face changes to the "standing-still" set of the Flamethrower SS (the first 8 sprites) since the set James Ingham and Zach Higgins made does not match with what they were going to make with the "walking" set (facemask AND non facemask).

    Instead of what you see above, this upcoming set will look like this which is the face change I made:

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