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    Dome Update

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    Dome Update

    Post by Schabbs on Sun Feb 26, 2012 3:39 am

    Dome Update

    My hand problem has subsided somewhat so here is a limited update on recent mods:
    Eisenfaust Overdrive. 10 new levels replacing episode 2. By Thomas Weiling. Very well designed. Needs the full version of Wolf3D to play.
    Escapism. 10 new Wolf3D shareware levels. By Thomas Weiling. Very well designed. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
    Santa Claws 3D. 10 new levels plus some new festive graphics/sounds. Made by LynxJSA. Not bad for Dec 1994.
    15 Master Levels. 15 new Wolf3D levels. Some code changes. By Ipank7000. Very well designed. Needs the VSWAP from the full version of Wolf3D added to play. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
    The DHW SDL Mapset, Spear of Destiny Edition. 21 new levels, made by The DHW Team (see Readme for more details). Very well designed. Needs the full version of Spear of Destiny to play. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
    Mac-enstein (All 3 Encounters) SDL. Made by Andy Nonymous. Contains all 3 encounters which is 93 (3+30+60) levels. A good accurate port of the Macintosh Wolfenstein game for Windows using Ripper's Wolf4SDL engine. Vista/Windows 7-compatible.
    I will try and make other limited updates when I can for now. Please check out Matt Stath's site for other new addons and updates at Wolfenstein goodies.com.

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