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    stuck in HOS



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    stuck in HOS

    Post by johnb1 on Thu Sep 15, 2011 10:53 am

    okay, I got to level 13 in Halls of Stonehenge Laughing
    and got to one of the secret rooms where you have to activate 2 pushwalls to get to it, first the left, then the right
    so I got in there, and now I appear to be stuck. I can't move forward or backward, and when I try to do, the image on my screen breaks up, as if I have the walk through walls code activated, which AFAIK, you can't do in HOS. I push a little bit and the image goes back to normal, but I appear to be stuck somewhere in there, and I can't get out.

    any help appreciated,

    John B

    Good thing, HOS, full of challenges, Blood scenery and monsters--lots of mazes though, and yes, you will die, but that's how you learn

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