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    Why You Should Join, Forum Rules, How to be a Mod -- 10/10/10

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    Why You Should Join, Forum Rules, How to be a Mod -- 10/10/10

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Sat Mar 24, 2007 9:04 pm

    New users, why not take some time and post on the warm welcomes section?
    Why you should join Wolf3d Haven:
    1: We are a kind forum community!
    2: No need to have a registered email to sign up here!
    3: We have alot of forum emoticons!
    4: We have a chatbox that we actually use.

    How to become a mod:
    First you must show that you know how the forum works. When you think somone deserves a "Thank You" or some reputation, remember to add them in to another person's profile. You know how to add friends on this forum, etc.
    Second, you need some reputation and points. Points are received from posting and making threads. Different forums give different amount of points.

    Finally, be nice, and you will [hopefully] be chosen!

    Before reading this, remember to use common sense. Hacking into this web is obviously NOT obeying the rules. Comon', you know better! Hehe!

    The Obvious Ones:
    1. No Spamming

    2. No flaming

    3. No taking other people's work and calling it your own [For example, copy and paste a whole level]

    4. Use appropriate language and post anything that is acceptable to the general audience. If what you post is not for little kids, you may want to notify that on the thread title.

    5. Do not go waaay off topic
    (If you feel like saying thousands of random things, go to the chat box)

    6. Do not spam post. This means not posting 2 messages one after another within 5 seconds. [Please wait at very least 30 minutes]. Just edit your post, and put 'EDIT:'

    7. DO NOT send anything with a virus!

    8. We do not call other people 'Spammerspammerspammerspammer'. Just remind the person not to spam.

    9. When asking for help do not make your title something like 'SOS' , 'URGENT' or 'ZOMGHELP'. Just say what you need, such as 'How do I use Flo Edit?'.

    10. Do not write everything in caps lock, or like this:
    i LoVe FrEnCh FrIeS.
    Instead use: I love french fries.

    11. Do not put a 100 line siggy; 6 lines are plenty.

    12: Try not to put a sentence that has a different color for every letter in the sentece... And don't spam with emoticons --- once you have more emoticons than words in a sentence, you know you have a problem.

    And yes, anything considered illegal and highly jail-able offense is not really allowed here. But you knew that already, no?

    The Not Too Obvious Ones

    13. Have fun.
    No, this is not a joke. We won't ban you for not having fun, but the point is that this forum isn't so serious...relax a little! No, that is too relaxed. More like this:

    14: Ressurrecting topics is OK as long as you have something to say.

    15: If you see somebody spamming, please, don't go over a long lecture of rules when somebody else already talked about it.

    16: Read the stickies in the forums. In other words, if you post or read a thread without reading the announcment or sticky in that section of the forum, that is a violation of rule 16.

    17: You should have read the FAQ and the rules section agreement before signing up! (Or as soon as you are presented with the opportunity to read them).

    18: Off topic is not Spam. Off topic is like:
    Person 1: Hi
    Person 2: biscuits.

    19. Try to be honest and not lie! The world loves a honest man.

    20. Do not post something for the sake of getting credits.

    21. For disobeying rules, your warning level will go up. It goes by a scale of 0-100, with 99 meaning that your account is on the verge of getting banned, 100 being banned. 0 means that your account is in very good status. You can decrease your warning level by a little bit by paying a lot of credits.

    Honestly, we try to be very lenient around here. I hope this is a nice and easygoing forum.

    • If you have comment about the rules, PM me.
    • To see how close you are to getting banned, check the "Warning Level" box in your profile. If you don't even see it because it is not there, it means your warning level is 0. 100 means banned.

      Yes, a little mistake everyone once and a whle is ok, but do not make it a habit!
    • Off topic does not equal spam.
    • New users, why not take some time and post at The Front Desk section?
    • If you see in the Dusty Books section about a locked post about "Wolf3d Cheats". If it has the info about it in it already, why post a new message?
    • Please don't register and never post or come back to the forum. That's a waste of time.
    • Anyways, if you post nothing but you keep coming back, thats ok, although we strongly suggest that you post at least occasionally. Even little comments is good!
    • Dont ask or complain to be a mod or anything. I will decide.
    • Questions? Comments? Complaints? Pm me or go to the Wolf3d Haven section of Wolf3d Haven.
    • Anyways, any problems always contact me. Thanks.

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