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    Corr7TC Released

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    Corr7TC Released

    Post by Schabbs on Thu Dec 09, 2010 6:46 pm

    Corr7TC Released

    Here's some info about a 'Corr7TC' release. It was sent in by Vermil, who made it. Corr7TC aimed to "reimage" Capstones 1994 Wolf engine based “Corridor7: Alien Invasion”, on the Doom engine using the Doomsday source port, specifically a standalone version of Doomsday v1.8.6. The aim was to add more variety to and polish the original games game play, whilst keeping the spirit of the original game.

    *Pretty much every feature of Corr7 is present in the TC in some way from ammo dispensers to health chambers.

    *Most levels have one or two of about 8-9 simple objectives inspired by Corr7's plot to replace the original games repetitive “kill every alien on the map” objective.

    *Lighting, dynamic lights and a bunch of other visual stuff Doom and Dday can do that the Corridor7 engine couldn't. Some visual features can be disabled to make things look similar to the original game. Available here. Needs the Doom2.wad to play. For a lot more info on this project, and more screenshots, there is a thread on DoomWorld.

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