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    The sound effects in Wolf3D and SoD

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    The sound effects in Wolf3D and SoD

    Post by Asa on Sat Sep 11, 2010 8:24 am

    I have grabbed everything I can find, and done all the extractions and conversions I can do and I still don't have all of the sound effects for W3D and SoD. To give greater detail:

    I started by using FloEdit II and ChaosEdit to extract the music and digitized sounds from the game. I noticed that most of the sound effects weren't included.

    I found IMFTools, and used aud_man to extract all of the chunks (well all but the 0-length chunks). I can change the file extension of all the music files from WL6 (or SOD) to IMF and they will play in WinAmp, but the rest of them play, but produce no sound.

    I know that there are multiple sound types, but I don't know how to identify them, or convert them so they will play. Can someone tell me how to convert them, or what it is I need to do?

    As I was working on trying to figure this out, I downloaded the zip archive of Wolf3D music files (for various platform versions). I noticed that the files play at the same speed as the game. Comparing that with the files I extracted with aud_man, I see that the extracted files play much slower. I've tried using Audacity to speed them up, but along with increasing the playback speed, it also changes the key of the music. I am not that versed in sound editing. Can someone tell me how to deal with the playback speed of the files?

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