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    Rache is open again :)


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    Message : hey guys, i need help with coding for Wolf3d, i only need minor changes, and i need them done soon.
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    Rache is open again :)

    Post by Raakhill13 on Sat Jan 16, 2010 10:27 am

    ok, the game is an action-like game, with terroist, and rambo like stuff, me and my friends helping out, have thought long and hard, we need coding, alot, and we use SDL. we promise to give whomever helps credit. the game is going to be only 21 levels long, level 20 and 21 are secret, in the format that SOD was. i hope you understand what i'm trying to say. there are code changes we need for the game, others, we just want. here are the ones we NEED:
    1.gun bobbing
    2.No Demos
    3.all bosses drop keys exept hitler, he is final boss, he shows death cam, and it ends the game.
    4. SS allways drop machine gun
    5. appoggee sign is the 25 ammo box
    6.no episodes (duh) and difficulty names changed.
    7.color of main menu changed to green, but text colors change.
    8.allow more enemies, objects, etc. in levels.
    9. max ammo is changed.
    ok thats all i need. here is what we WANT:
    (along with what we need)
    1. New weapons, that run on own ammo, if said so.
    2. Land mines
    3.hitler ghost fire balls, go as fast as a rocket
    4. pacman ghost now objects.
    5.a chaingunner, who just stays still, like in WSJ's mods, he had a guy like that.
    6. Read this added
    and thats really it.
    To WLHack,
    i thank you for the coding you did for me, but it is no use to us, since we have changed are plans.
    we would like it very much if you helped again, even if you dont, you will get credit, because you did help us before, and you deserve credit, thank you.
    please people, pitch in!
    this is our 1st Mod. and we really want it to rock.
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    Message : Wolfenstein:Umbrella Beginnings Episode 2 released! Download now!

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    Re: Rache is open again :)

    Post by jayngo26 on Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:07 pm

    Hmm...It appears you are in league with Prowolfer95, yes? Poor WLHack. All that work for nuthin. Ouch. Be careful Raakhill13, WLHack is one of the few Wolfers on this forum that knows SDL...

    Maybe you should start with basic Dos version/code/stuffs. Learn how to compile. Tons of great coding tutorials lurking all over these Wolf sites. Trust me when I say, that, when you code your very first stuff and it actually works-it's a great feeling...

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