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A friendly Wolfenstein 3D community, about Wolfenstein 3D, the game that gave birth to first person shooters...

    Wolf3d Haven is up for 1000 Days!/1000 Forum Threads

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    Wolf3d Haven is up for 1000 Days!/1000 Forum Threads

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Thu Dec 31, 2009 7:46 pm

    Yes, the Wolf3d Haven Forum has been up for 1000 days and still counting! cheers
    Also, we are almost at 1000 forum threads! clown
    Thanks to all members for making this possible. Now we eat cake. What a Face

    Happy New Years, by the way.
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    Wolf3d Haven
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    Re: Wolf3d Haven is up for 1000 Days!/1000 Forum Threads

    Post by jayngo26 on Thu Dec 31, 2009 8:15 pm

    Hehe. Remember, the cake is a lie...


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