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    Beyond wolfenstein 3d READ :)


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    Message : hey guys, i need help with coding for Wolf3d, i only need minor changes, and i need them done soon.
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    Beyond wolfenstein 3d READ :)

    Post by Raakhill13 on Sat Oct 03, 2009 6:42 am

    hello, i am making a sequeal to Wolf3d, well, my own seq lol. there will be six new episodes and stuff, but i need some code changes. i am useing V1.4. i need a SS guard that is as fast as an officer, and has its own sounds. another hans grosse, Otto has a chaingun and bazooka, the SS and SS officer allways drop machinegun. another officer, that has its own sound, and is guard strong. another guard that is SS strong. the max ammo is now to 200. the ammo box from SOD added. Story changed when you beat episodes. episode names changed. a few new walls, and a Bazooka, that has its own ammo, max is 50, think of the doom rpg Smile
    and thats about it. you will get credit for helping i promise, and i will send you a detailed file of info for coding if you can do it. i need this done soon please.

    T.A. Hill

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