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    Wolf3d Bones alert guide as written from the download file. [request]

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

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    Message : I made this forum when I was 13 High on Drugs
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    Wolf3d Bones alert guide as written from the download file. [request]

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:53 pm

    elcome to the Bones Alert Guide!

    By: Eric Lin, author of Bones Alert.

    First, I would like to say this: You cannot always get 100% ratios with anything lower than the hardest difficulty level. Secondly, usually there is a hard way and an easy way to do something in my Add-on.

    Last, when I say “south to north” I mean looking at the map, unless I say so.

    Have fun!



    Locate the green arrow in the bottem left hand corner.

    that is you. you start here.

    push that wall..keep pushinguntil you find the next point. welcome to the storage area. Dont take everything..you will need some of the extra lives later!

    Push push. then head south, where gretel is. finish her off and take the gold key.

    now head back to the place where you found the machine gun and the locked door. open it, push...take all of the goodies...

    then head to the next point. PUSH IT. DO NOT push it the other way. if you do, you will BLOCK this place. But if you puss it from north to south... you get the key for free!!! shoot everyone down. ofcourse, the wall is blocking you...

    next point...keep shooting!

    next point. keep shootng again!

    to the north of you is a wall with swastika. push it for like a million time. then keep going until you meet another swastica wall. push it. then, push it from east to west and take the extra life. (of save it. you will need it soon) go to the steel room. kill hans. use the extralife if you wish.

    then, hed here and push the wall...

    head to this point and push west to east.

    here is the secret level!

    you can always look for the crown secret,. remember, push sideway, not north to south.

    you can also take that sweet chaingun and blast those stupid mutants standing there...

    and take the mutant secret and take all of the treasure...

    now tell me, wansn't that easier than trying to blast the dining room head-on??:lol!:

    you can do the alternative, but not better meathod: instead of killin sideways (a bit cowardly and cheap) you can go sideways from kitchen. i triecd it several times; it is quite managable. rememebr, there is a stock of ammo (for some apperant reason) and chiken meal.

    btw: anybody seeing the chaingun near the exit elevator would go crazy trying to find it!!! hahahahah!!!pig :lol!: scratch


    Espode 1, Level 2-ROUND N’ ABOUT

    this level is supposingly normal. it can be a bit hard without secrets. yes, there are 2 elevators. both lead to level 3. but one cuts the time dramatically.

    NOTE: you cannot get 100% ratio on ANYTHING if you play anything other than i am death incarnate. it's a price for being a chicken.

    here it is:


    locate the lower left hand corner. that is you. yes, you face the elevator. how can you use the elevator and automatically apear away from the elevator on the next level?!?!?!


    notice that there are two points. on leads to a bunch of moving guards. look carefully and you will see that they will be going into your room if you don't move your butt! so don't stay in your puny little elevator, especially if you have a pistol and 8 rounds!!!

    the other point shows a place. yep. this place is important if you want lots of secrets. the guards in that room beyond it is alarmed already. push the wall, and the guards will come out. remember to shoot a guard so that it jams up the door. this will allow you to open the gold locked door without the key. now, eliminate all of the guards and take the key.

    the next point shows a secret with and extralife.

    the next point can be reach with the pushwall. but you must eliminate all of the guards inside that room next to it first. those angry mutants can do some damage. neverthe less, head to the next point. this shows the secret with an extralife.


    push here and keep pushing until you reach a place with 3 pushwalls next to it. push the two on the sides, then push the center one sideways. go in.

    here you can find the 'secret' elevator which leads to level3.

    push the pushwalls here...and go to the next point.

    silver key. wow, a gold locked door. i wonder if this saves me time!

    next to where the silver key was is a pushwall. take the stuff it hides.

    here is another pushwakl saving time.

    pushwall leading to 6 crowns.

    pushwall leading to lots of carnage and ammo

    pushwall leading to some really nice goodies

    this point (room with ammo) is dangerous. do not shoot in here or a bunch of crazy guards will come after you in an instant. well, not an instant. but anyways, you get the point. this picture says that it will alarm 10 guards, but in fact... it will alarm thee REST of the level!!!!!!!

    here, push the wall

    now push the wall, open that door

    kill the hans. the floor code camoflauges the ammmo, but there are some hp and ammo on your left, and 2 treausre on your right.

    here are lots of crowns

    the next point shows that there is a way to get from your position to the place behind the silver locked door.

    in other words....you don't need the silver key to win this level.

    the red line shows the long way to the exit elevator.

    bingo. level finished. 100% ratios.



    1. You start here.

    2. Push the pushwall here. Don’t forget to try to fend off the Officers! If you play on ahrdest difficulty, alarm one side, then run over the other side to take the officers by surprise! Keep switching sides, going at them from both sides!

    3. Take the pushwall, here.

    4. Push here.

    5. Push here, again.

    6. Push……..AGAIN

    7. Push

    8. Navigate to the key.

    9. Push sideways.

    10. See that? Remember when I told you to push that block in the beginning? Look, now here’s an open passageway!

    11. Navigate to the crowns.

    12. Navigate Here. Sorry about forgeting to put the pushwall it comes from. It comes from the very top of the level (the pushwall with the blue dot on it). As the picture says, you have to get gold key… But that’s not really true… I removed the gold locked door there. Get the gold key from behind enemy lines!

    13. Here lies the coverted Chaingun.

    14. Push the pushwalls. (both) coming from NorthàSouth

    15. You did get the BJ 1-ups, right? Good.

    16. Push.

    17. Now go all the way here.

    18. Here lies 3 Crowns.

    19. Good, Goodie! Pick off the SS on your way, too, ok?

    20. If you want 100% kills, take the pushwall from the beginning of the level.

    21. Take any elevator.


    1. First push that dead elevator

    2. Take the extralife. (Or use it later)

    3. Follow the red line , pushing all pushwalls along the way. You will arive in a long, zig zagging passageway.

    4. Push

    5. Push for key.

    6. Go here for somoe points.

    7. The key opens this…

    8. Leading you to this (push)

    9. Taking you to this little crown pile

    10. To a small vault of treasures…

    11. Push here for lots of stuff

    12. Push here. You cannot proceed anymore, eh?

    13. Or really? Take this door you couldn’t open before.

    14. It takes you to this storage room.

    15. Push here, and all other pushwalls in this room. Be carefull that you DO NOT block your goodies by doing so! So try taking all of the goodies BEFORE pushing the walls. Yes, you can go get the chaingun, using the map up above.

    16. What is this??? Whaever. Open the door.

    17. More crowns.

    18. Are you going to get that chain-gun or not? Now would be a good time to get it… (look, I drew another line backtracking to the chaingun…

    19. Kill all of the guards (remember that nice lstock of stuff back to the other place south? (point 11) Get the silver key!

    20. Push

    21. Push again

    22. Goodie, goodie, gumdrops!

    23. More stuff. (By going here, a group of bad Nazi kids will come to you from behind, so watch out!)

    24. Backtrack to point 12, with the door you previously couldn’t open.

    25. Shove here. The wall’s a teddy bear.

    26. Don’t be dumb and take the maze. You’ll get a dead end. Push here instead.

    27. Ok, resist the temptation of getting a gazillion points. Nah, just kidding. It’s all up for grabs!

    28. Push the southern one first, take the life up, push the wall next to the life up (or where it used to be, now you took it) shove it East to west. Push the southern-most wall you can still push, east to west. Then push the wall next to the wall you just pushed (the one that’s kindda in the middle, not too south or north), North to south. Finish up the very, very southern wall that’s not even in the room. NOTE: DO NOT DO THIS if haven’t done the other hole with the life up already.

    29. I said don’t push that, did I? Push the eastern one north to south. Push all of the southern ones north to south. Push the western ones east to west, then finally, the northern ones, north to south. You took the lif up, right? Now go push that wall I said you shouldn’t push.

    30. To the elevator!


    LEVEL 5

    seriously, nothing new, but you need to look at the map to see how to get to vault, but its a pice of cake witht he map. but 1 important point: do not shoot at the place with lots of locked doors. there will be guards bustng out on you on all sides.


    this is a weird level. find all of the secrets, the level is a piece of cake. if not, then...well....

    note: the walls mamrked red are not nesesarrily red. they are marked for emphasis.



    that is the picture of the level without the points. now here is picture one, the way you are supposed to do it:

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

    Number of posts : 5096
    Age : 24
    Location : California, USA
    Job : Investor
    Hobbie : Computers, chess, computer chess, fashion, and philosophy
    Message : I made this forum when I was 13 High on Drugs
    Registration date : 2007-03-24

    Re: Wolf3d Bones alert guide as written from the download file. [request]

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:56 pm

    remember to save. locate the lower left hand corner. tht is you. first, turn around to the door and get 200ammo and 110% hp. no go back to where you started.

    now, go and face the elevator as if you just started. turn around.to your left are some steel walls. push the wall adjacent to the elevator. now, skip the next block. on the next block after that(last of the third) push it. go and push that center block sideways.

    now, go to the end of the room and push the wall that you can push. the other one is obstructed. SAVE.

    you see the stupid ss obstructing your path? yeah. don't blast him without thinking. or he is better off alive.

    now, here is the trick: shoot him so that the block that the ss is facing will not be obstructed when you push it. yes, 1 ss will be alerted. who cares?

    now, when you finished, SAVE. if you don't, you'll get reaaalllly frustrated reaaaalllly quickly.

    anyways, push the was-obstructed-wall and take the guy's machine gun. go right and then right to the end of nthe room. push the wall. it looks like it is stuck. but knowing me, the stuff i make IS NEVER STUCK. so, here is what you do. the block next to the block you just pushed shouoldn't be pushed yet. skip it, go the the other block next to it that has not been pushed. push it.

    now, push the exposed block in the center sideways.


    now, in this room are 2 pushwalls. one is not pushable yet. the other can be pushed. push it south to north(map) NOT west to east. the picture is not up-to-date and says that oushign it bothw ays is ok. but it ISN'T. so DON'T!

    kill the ss. doesn't matter where you shoot him.

    now look at the map. there is one obvious pushwall to your right/ push it. keep pushing until you reach point number 2. (finally!)

    save in front of the well.

    the ss is blocking a pushwall which you will reach later on. hit the ss, wait for him to come to you. don't worry, he can't hurt you. i will make it fair. when he arrives in front of the well, shoot him to death.

    now go back to the alarmed ss that you killed (the one with 2 pushwalls)

    look at this picture:

    that is the room i am talking about, in case you are confused.

    the picture alsoshows where you are going next. yes, there is a ss in the wall. you killed him. now this is a holo wall. go in it, and immediantly turn left. you will see a dead guard. push the wall. (only 1 way to push it)

    keep pushing the wall until it stops at a deaf guard. he won't hurt you.


    using a knife, hit him (don't 1 hit ko him) and let him go away from the pushwall you pushed to get in here. then kill him.


    yep, another well. the ss is blocking a pushwall. fire 1 bullet, and let him come next to the well. shoot him to death.

    backtrack to the other pushwall you couldn't push look at the map. it shouldn't be before the room with 2 pushwalls.

    push it. take the guy's machine gun.

    turn right (from the entrance to this room turn right) to a dead end.turn left and push the wal. it should reveal a small room. there are 2 pushable walls. push them both. this reveals another pushable wall. push it down. (only 1 way to push it) it should reveal another room.

    the ss in this room is dead?!

    yep. you kiled him before, remember?

    now,go to the ss, take his gun, and turn around to see 2 wells and ANOTHER ss. fire 1 bullet at him, and wait for him to come to you. don't shoot him if he is in the row with the mosaic of hitler. hit him in the row with the puicture of hitler (normal picture)

    backtrack all the way to that stupid guard that you killed.

    look at the map and spot the pushwall you didn't push yet. push it.

    now, save.

    look at the next pushwall. (the southern one) push it west to east (map)

    kill the ss (anywhere you want) take the machine gun and SAVE.

    this part you will miss a lot. hit the ss with 1 bullet. the ss needs to be in front of the lamp. if not, it will obstruct the next pushwall. once you are done...save.

    look at the map and push the next pushwall. push it again. now this should reveal a small room.to your right is a pushwall. push it. push it again for the only chaingun in this level!!! get it now!!!

    now, shoot the stupid ss on the south east corner (map). make sure that the ss doesn't blockt he pushwall highlited in red.

    now save. go to the 2 pushwals. push one west to east the other one north to south (all on the map) make sure you are in the new room. yes you are trapped. now go to the south eastern corner(map) and push. don't pusht he center one. now, go push the new revealed pushwall. NOW push the center one. the remaining one must be pushed east to west (map)

    now go and locate the gold key. push the pushwall blocking it east to west (map) there is another pushwall left. push that to reveal a gold locked door. yepieee.

    open it. turn right, open the door, get the silver key. now go back to the pushwall that is in the room with 2 gold locked doors. push it. push it again. not so trapped after all!

    you are near the stupid dead guard you killed. now, head to the northern pushwal and push it sideways. this reveals another pushwall. push it. this small room has 2 pushwalls. push the right one. open the silver locked door. on the map, spot the crown. push the pushwall near the crown. now, look at the north eastern corner of the room. there are 3 pushwalls bunched together. (map) push the 2 visible ones. now, push the wall south to north (map) open the door (it is actually a holowall in front of you so go through it)

    push the pushwall. head through the passage. go to the next pushwalll and push it for a crown. now on to the next pushwall.

    push the one that is not the mosaic and keep pushing around for a crown. turn back to realize that you are trapped. or not? push the mosaic. ooooo!!

    now, head to the next pushwall and push it. push it again for 3 extralives

    yes that is the ss you killed with the 2 wells. now continure with the path to the next pushwalls. one is not pushable. the other is. push it. now turn around and push the pushwall north to south. the map says that you will get stuck. but remember that this is not the most up to date picture and that there is acutlaly a path that leads you out of the blocked mess. take the extra life.

    go to the nest pushwall and push it. go to the next wall and push it for ammo and hp. go to the next pushwall. save.

    kill mutants. go to the next wall (moss wall) for extralife. go to the marble secret for very quick access to the beggining of the level with the goodies. push all of the walls there. there is an extra life in the middle of the swastika. and there are some extralives inside the battle arena. good luck friend.




    locate the lower left hand corner. that is you.

    when you start, directly to the left of you is a wall. push it for a chaingun. now, push the wall to go to the next point. (look at the map)

    here, push the wall for an extra life.

    go here. you must push the first pushwall by east to west, the next west to eat. do not push them downwards. now go to the next point

    push the wall

    here, push the wall. then push the wall that the pushwall revealed. do not go inside the room yet.

    to the north west is a wall. push it (from the map it is, not you)

    go inside the room. you can't get inside the next point so here is the step by step tutorial on getting there...

    I am Death Incarnate!
    I am Death Incarnate!

    Number of posts : 5096
    Age : 24
    Location : California, USA
    Job : Investor
    Hobbie : Computers, chess, computer chess, fashion, and philosophy
    Message : I made this forum when I was 13 High on Drugs
    Registration date : 2007-03-24

    Re: Wolf3d Bones alert guide as written from the download file. [request]

    Post by Dark_wizzie on Wed Aug 19, 2009 12:57 pm

    step1: push that stupid wall you just pushed, again.

    step2: push the wall that the pushwall revealed.

    step3: push the wall to the south west (from you view, not the map) of the pushwall you pushed to reveal that other block. (the wall is next to a dead guard)

    step4: now, the wall revealed 2 walls (the west and the east from your view) push both walls.go left, and go right next to where the pushwal stops moving. go right, and push the left wall.

    step5: go back to that wall that you pushed 2 reveal 2 pushwalls (west and east) push that wall south to north ( from the map view)

    step6: remember how the pushwall revealed 2 pushwalls? remember how you pushed the east and west? well to the east is a wall. yep. push it again. push the wall to the north and south of it check the map again)

    step7:push that protruding wall south to north. this should reveal a block.

    step 8:push that block which is revealed.

    step9: you should see 2 purple blocks. push the one to the your left.

    step10:now, push the moss wall you pushed to see the purple wall.

    step11: kill general fatface, get the key.

    now go back to the 2 pushwalls you pushed which i said you had to push one east to wwest and west to east.

    one passage leads to extra life. the other leads....to a wal?!

    step1: shoot the walls. 2 guards should die. the holowalls become passage. one leads to extralife, another to a door.


    EDIT: I fixed it.

    step2: open the door and push the wall

    step3: to your left is a red wall ( i think) push it.

    step4: now, push all of the walls you see.

    step5: one should lead to extralife, other to a new wall. push that new wall.

    step6: now, to YOUR right northern corner is a wall. shoot it. now, go in

    step7: in this halway, go to your left, shoot the wall, go in.

    step8: to the end of that wall is a wall. shoot it. go through it get the key

    BINGO! 2 keys right there!

    now head to the elevator. one of the steel wall (check map ) is fake. push it. push it again. take all the stuff.

    now go to here.


    open the doors. inside is...a load of enemies, i know. let the pacman see you. lead them outside, the farther away from the the entrance the better.

    now, somehow kill people, and...yeah.disturb as little bosses as possiable. if you feel like 100% kill, go back for them later.

    the maps shows you some small deposites of stuff to help you.

    when you somehow managed to kill everyone in these rooms...save. congrats, you rules at nazis killing. now head to the next point and meet my friends, the grosses, and hitler and yeah. do not distub all of the bosses at once, or you will die. just hit as many frozen bosses as possiable. there are 2 chainguns at the end of the room, so you can take that too.

    once everyone dies, just take all the goodies i guess and kill the rest of the bosses if you want 100% kill. use the elevator.




    just click on that image and (it is a pop up) and a picture in full size will apear.

    now for the guide:

    locate the green arrow inside the steel structure. this is you. push your walls to the next point.

    (on your way is a wall. it is actually a hollow wall!!! so kill the enemy inside. on your right when you cfind the holowall is a door you cannot open yet)

    you should be next to the left side of the structure. push the wall. (DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT open the door on your lef when you go in.

    here, push the wall, and QUICKLY, move to your right, move foward, and go inside that little hole. LET THE PUSHWALL TRAP YOU. yes this is no typo.

    now follow to the next point to....

    that is right. now, SAVE. i am serious. SAVE. then, push the wlls. if it gets stuck, just LOAD the game again. the pushwall will eventually stop at the chaingun.

    at this pooint, get the key

    come back, pushing that wall, and pushing your way out...

    now, open the door that you originally couldn't open...

    let the SS see you (but do not shoot him or you will get a MOTHERLORD of guards coming off your back... just simply touch him, go back to the nice little alcove where you pushed the pushwall...make sure the door the ss opened (or you) is closed before opening it. kill the ss. do the same for the guard.

    push the wall keep pushing that wall. (ignore the door next to you) and keep pushing until... you find the gold key.

    now go back to that foor you ignroed and open it for heave =)

    now go here, and push the wall north to south. open that door for some MORE of heaven :lol!:

    now go to here and push it east to west for...heaven afro

    now go to here for...the land above the clouds :affraid:

    go here. push the wall. YES it block the passage that leads you out. (THIS IS NOT A TYPO! MAKE IT BLOCK YOU!)to the right of you...is...heaven Smile

    go here. here is an extra life. now are you reaaaallly trapped? nope. if you didn't read this guide and never got the gold key, you would not be in this situation, because you needed a gold key to push that wall. but since...ahh...watever.

    now go to where you started...

    open that door...

    use the stuff from heaven (lol) and use them against hell (nazis) and booombaza! that wasn't that hard was it???


    btw: if you started the game by opening the door in front of you... you are asking for death. i died while using ilm cheats to kill those guys without extralives and medikits =)

    that is all for now.




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    Re: Wolf3d Bones alert guide as written from the download file. [request]

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